Storing Your Estate Planning Documents in a Safe Place

Dec 3, 2023
Estate Planning

Getting organized as the year draws to a close in December sets the tone for a fresh start in 2024. A pivotal part of this preparation should be storing your estate planning documents. Ensuring these critical papers are secure yet accessible becomes an integral aspect of laying the groundwork for a well-prepared future.

Securing estate planning documents involves a balance between safety and accessibility for trusted individuals. Essential considerations when determining where and how to store these crucial papers revolve around ensuring accessibility during times of incapacity or after passing away.

Storing Your Estate Planning Documents in a Safe Place | AmeriEstate Legal Plan

Safety Deposit Box

Opting for a bank's safety deposit box demands meticulous planning. Collect vital documents—wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and healthcare directives—and select a bank known for its security measures. Ensure the box is in your name or your trust's name, using waterproof containers or sealed envelopes for protection. Inform a trusted family member or executor about its location and access procedures.

Fireproof/Waterproof Safe

Storing original documents at home provides easy access for loved ones. A fireproof/waterproof safe adds security, but it's crucial that your executor knows how to access it when required.

Digital or Online Storage

Embracing technology offers advantages. Services like DocuBank™ SAFE, part of the DocuBank membership, provide secure digital storage for vital records—wills, medical directives, powers of attorney—accessible globally, ensuring swift retrieval in emergencies. Their encryption ensures peace of mind and simplifies critical decision-making processes.

Utilize SAFEShare to share important files and grant specific individuals, like friends and family, access to designated files within the DocuBank SAFE.

DocuBank and DocuBank SAFE membership is free for one year through our AmeriEstate Legal Plan membership, plus other benefits.

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