Helping families with their trustee and fiduciary needs

The administration of a trust is exceptionally important for your heirs and beneficiaries. The individual charged with executing the terms of a Will, or of safeguarding a Trust until an heir comes of age, has an enormous responsibility, and even the most well-meaning administrators may find it difficult to effectively manage these matters on their own.

Fortunately, the experts at AmeriEstate know how to come along side you and your family during this transitional time and ease the complex financial and emotional issues of trust administration. With AmeriEstate’s assistance, we can help to ensure that the needs and interests of all those involved in the administration of the trust are properly safeguarded.

If you have recently been appointed as a trustee, it is critical that you know all of the responsibilities you now have and how to properly uphold them. The team at AmeriEstate help trustees better understand their legal expectations as well as offer advice and guidance for trust administration and accounting.


The Highest Standard in Trust Administration

  • Over 25 years' experience in trust administration.
  • Honoring our clients through the diligent execution of trustee and executor responsibilities.
  • Closely follow your directives in managing your estate's day-to-day responsibilities.
  • Unlike law firms and banking institutions, we do not try to take over the settlement of your Trust. AmeriEstate's process is to create understandable trust documents your chosen successors can use and understand. Then we help and support your chosen successors to complete this task rather than charging your estate outrageous fees to do these relatively simple tasks.