A trusted expert resource in the most difficult of times

AmeriEstate has the expertise and compassion necessary when a loved one has died or is experiencing a significant loss of health. Our experts know how to come along side you and your family during this transitional time and ease the complex financial and emotional issues of trust administration.

When there is a loss of a loved one, it can be hard to move forward right away. Having to find your way through the red tape of someone else’s life is complicated and can be the last thing you want to do in a time of grief. But if you are a surviving spouse or have been appointed as a successor trustee, you must make critical decisions within a certain time following your loved one’s passing.  These decisions affect the ongoing management of the trust estate and require timely attention.

What if your loved one is still alive but their health is declining? Dealing with incapacity is a difficult and scary time. You have quickly become a caregiver and are experiencing many complex and exhausting responsibilities. It is during this time that immediate trust administration can be crucial to your loved one’s care and to the surviving spouse’s quality of life. Call AmeriEstate. We are here to provide instant expertise in administrating of your loved one’s trust while helping navigate the often complex world of long-term care financing.

AmeriEstate can give you peace of mind and make the trust administration process easy and worry free!

  • We LEAD you through all issues associate with wealth accumulation and transfer.
  • We GUIDE you in the basics of administration to get you started quickly.
  • We SUPPORT you by conducting a complimentary administrative trust review.
  • We COACH you through the administration process and necessary changes in your Trust.

You’ll not only get the professional advice you need, you get the assistance you need from a caring team who understands your situation and can help with the details - so you can put your attention where it matters to you the most.

Services included in the AmeriEstate Legal Plan

AmeriEstate provides FREE basic trust administration services to our members and their chosen appointees and beneficiaries.  These services are also extended successor trustees in regards to administrating the legal plan member’s AmeriEstate Living Trust Portfolio.

  • Educating on the responsibilities of the role of the trustee.
  • Advising on common steps in settling and distributing the estate.
  • Coaching on how to proceed with gaining control over Trust assets.

In addition, AmeriEstate provides special member pricing for preparing formal and legal documents (along with explanations and support) Trustees will need to present:

  • To financial institutions where Trust assets are held.
  • To County Recorders offices where real estate titles are recorded.
  • To Beneficiaries in jurisdictions where legal notices are required.

The AmeriEstate Difference

Unlike law firms and banking institutions, we do not try to take over the settlement of your Trust. AmeriEstate’s process is to create understandable Trust documents your chosen successors can use and understand.  Then we help and support your chosen successors to complete this task rather than charging your estate outrageous fees to do these relatively simple tasks.

An AmeriEstate Living Trust is created with this goal in mind.  However, at the same time, we stand ready to perform any particular tasks that your appointed person may wish to delegate due to time factors or lack of familiarity with a given task.