Webinar Video: Advantages of Corporations and LLC’s

Apr 19, 2022
Estate Planning Video

Starting a New Business or Already Have One? What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Corporations or LLC?

Anyone who operates a business, small, big, alone or with others may incorporate. This is also true for anyone or group in religious, civil, non-profit or charitable endeavors. You do not have to be a business giant to be able to have the financial and other benefits of operating a corporation. The owner(s) of a business of any size can benefit from incorporating.

This webinar will help you understand the important differences between the various corporations; and help you determine the right corporation for you and your business.

AmeriEstate's Greg Reese, President and CEO and Rich Brown, Director of Operations discuss the following.

  • What are LLC’s, corporations and partnerships?
  • Difference between a sole proprietor and business owner.
  • How does setting up a LLC or corporation protect your assets?
  • Should my business be added to my living trust?
  • Asset Protection Through a LLC

Estate Planning Video