Protecting What Matters at Every Life Stage

At AmeriEstate Legal Plan, all of our estate-planning services are designed with one goal in mind – helping you protect your family and preserve your hard-earned assets for many generations to come. We are here as a compassionate resource from Trust creation to estate settlement and beyond… for the life of your Trust.

So whether you are on your own, just starting a family, raising children, getting kids through college, becoming a grandparent, planning for retirement, or facing illness and incapacity, we have the expertise you need at the price you can afford.

With a focus on the specialties of Estate Planning and Asset Protection, we educate and serve families in the following areas:

  • Legal Access Plan : Nationwide Attorney Network – service and guidance on any legal matter.
  • Estate Planning : Attorney-guided Living Trusts and Wills – protect hard-earned personal assets from Probate Court control.
  • Asset Protection Planning : Set Up LLC, Corporation – organize and manage business resources and key investment assets.
  • Life-Care Planning : Incapacity Planning, Asset and Elder Protection – proven strategies and guidance for long-term care funding.
  • Trust Administration : Trustee Guidance, Estate Settlement – spouse and family assistance following the death of a trustee.
  • Deferred Sales Trust : A DST utilizes a legal and established method that allows the seller of the property to defer capital gain taxes due at the time of sale over a period of time that is selected by the Seller/Taxpayer in advance.