Helping you plan for long-term care costs

AmeriEstate experts can guide you through the many options available to help pay for long-term care costs. We can also show you how to afford these costs without jeopardizing your life savings and hard-earned assets.

AmeriEstate experts are trained in all forms of estate planning and asset protection. We use this expertise to help people who are faced with the possibility of needing long-term life care for themselves or a loved one. By using proven legal and financial strategies, we assist families touched by chronic illness and disabilities find funding for their long-term care needs while protecting their hard-earned assets.

Planning for Long-Term Care and applying for State Public Assistance (MediCaid/Medi-Cal) or other financial assistance programs (SSI/SDI/SSDI or VA Aid and Attendance Benefits for Veterans) often include a difficult maze of legal, financial, health care and government program requirements. AmeriEstate experts can help navigate all of the complex and guide you towards proven estate-protection strategies designed to protect your family’s Estate.

The biggest concerns are usually, “How will I pay for the assistance I need?” and “Will I have to jeopardize my family's financial security and ‘spend down' all of my assets before I can qualify for public assistance?” Whether you, your spouse, a parent or other loved one need to qualify for Medicaid/Medi-Cal to pay for the cost of skilled nursing care, or you need to determine if you are eligible for financial assistance through SSI/SDI/SSDI or VA Aid and Attendance Benefits for Veterans, we can help.

CALL TODAY! for your Initial Personal Consultation. 800-235-0963, select option 2 and then option 2 again. Even if you or a loved one is already in nursing home care, we can help you and your family at a very difficult time.

Initial Personal Consultation

All factors are considered such as the client's needs and current health status, financial situation and client's current and future legal planning.

  • Review and analyze your current situation.
  • Review and assess your existing estate-planning documents for usage.
  • Determine your eligibility for State programs.
  • Provide qualified assistance in applying for State programs.
  • Recommend legal asset and personal protection strategies.
  • Offer legal courses of action to protect your estate from recovery.
  • Guide your family on a clear and expedient path forward.

Your consultation fee of $400 will also include:

  • One-year membership in the AmeriEstate Legal Plan providing you access to a nationwide network of qualified attorneys
  • A new set of Medi-Cal enhanced Advanced Health Care Directives and Durable Power of Attorney for Asset Management will be provided to the client
  • A DocuBank card to provide immediate access to Advanced Directives and Medical Information

Post Consultation Services

AmeriEstate can provide you with expert assistance for those needing financial and legal case management to gain access to government funding for Long-Term Care. So whether it be MediCare or Medi-Cal/Medicaid for health care, share of cost issues, Assisted Living (ALF) and Residential Care (RCFE), nursing home care, Custodial Care (PCSP), Skilled-Nursing or In-Home Support Services (IHSS), we have the experience you need to navigate the complicated red tape and emotional issues.

The experts at AmeriEstate can also help you with the implementation of Estate asset protection and legal planning strategies to help fund Long-Term Care and Healthcare needs. We can assist you and your family with the needed legal planning to provide and protect your Estate, determine your eligibility for financial support and assist you in preparing for future HealthCare and Long-Term Care needs.

Have More Questions?

More detail information regarding our long-term care funding needs can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions