Final Trust Administration: About AmeriEstate’s Process

Apr 6, 2021
Trust Administration

Dealing with the death of a loved one is extremely difficult, whether the family expected the death or not. We at AmeriEstate understand how sensitive this time can be for families. Often, one of the last things that you may want to do is go digging through the legal and financial complexities of your deceased loved one's life.  However, survivors often have to make critical and time-sensitive decisions directly in the aftermath of a loved one's death. 

If you are a surviving spouse with minor children, you may need to make difficult and speedy financial decisions. These decisions may be vital for the financial well-being of your family. If your deceased loved one appointed you as a successor trustee, you may need to attend to estate management matters promptly and thoroughly to avoid strife with creditors, the law and even with your fellow family members. Death is sensitive for many reasons, and if survivors do not handle the red tape associated with somebody’s death well, it often creates legal, financial and interpersonal problems that can last for years. 

Trust in AmeriEstate and our seasoned, compassionate and professional estate planning advisors to guide you through the process of final estate administration. We have the expertise and experience to make this difficult process as efficient and simple as possible

What does the AmeriEstate Legal Plan provide? 

One of the most vital roles that our advisors play is to educate the trustee on their responsibilities. Most of the time, this coaching is best started well prior to the death of your loved one if at all possible. This way, when your loved one dies, the trustee knows what to expect and can start administering the estate promptly.

The AmeriEstate advisor will provide the trustee with comprehensive coaching regarding how to proceed with gaining control over assets once the Settlor dies. AmeriEstate will also advise on the initial settling and distributing of estate assets so as not to risk family dispute. We do this through a robust counseling process that draws on our decades of experience with estate administration. We advise, and do not preach. The final decisions are always in the hands of the family members in question.

We can also customize our Legal Plan for your specific needs. Trustees will need to present a number of formal legal documents to various entities. These entities include financial institutions where trust assets are, and county recorders that handle transfer of title to real estate. In the likely event that beneficiaries are in different jurisdictions, AmeriEstate can also help manage legal notices depending on what the jurisdiction requires.  

What makes AmeriEstate different? 

We offer you comprehensive coaching in estate administration matters without trying to actually take over the estate. Our goal is to compile trust documents that executors can easily use and understand themselves. This means that settling your loved one's final estate will be simple and far less expensive than outsourcing the work to others. 

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Guide for Settling a Trust Estate - E-Book | AmeriEstate Legal Plan

Final estate administration happens during a difficult time. Let AmeriEstate make the process as simple as possible. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you through the most difficult of times.