Deferring Capital Gains - A Primer | AmeriEstate Legal Plan
September 21,

Deferring Capital Gains: A Primer

Understanding capital gains tax is critical when dealing with appreciated assets. In the event that you sell anything for more than what you bought it for, you will need to report this capital gain to the IRS. In turn, the IRS will levy taxes against the gains. 

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The Deferred Sales Trust Advantage | AmeriEstate Legal Plan
April 20,

The Deferred Sales Trust Advantage

Thinking about selling a highly appreciated asset such as a real estate investment, corporation or business can be overwhelming. While it is certainly a positive to have highly valued assets, navigating the tax laws surrounding such assets is a difficult process. One option that is becoming more and more popular for persons in this position is a Deferred Sales Trust.

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AmeriEstate | Capital gains tax and deferred sales trusts
July 06,

Capital Gains Tax and Deferred Sales Trusts

If you are considering a deferred sales trust, it is vital that you understand the relationship between capital gains tax and the deferred sales trust. In many situations, a deferred sales trust is a great way to avoid losing a lot of money to capital gains tax, but to reap the benefits you must engage in careful estate planning.

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