Financial Milestones and How to Plan | AmeriEstate Legal Plan
March 02,

Financial Milestones and How to Plan

Many Americans are under the notion that estate planning is only for those who are in their golden years, but nothing could be further from the truth. Actively incorporating estate planning as part of every lifetime milestone can help ensure that your financial well-being grows with you. Of course, there are some aspects of estate planning that are best tackled in your golden years after you have maximized your assets, but life's earlier milestones deserve an equal amount of financial attention and planning.

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Menaced Out of Her Home- the Marcie Shield Saga | AmeriEstate Legal Plan
November 24,

Menaced Out of Her Home: the Marcie Shield Saga

Sometimes, we can be too clever for our own financial well-being. Most people want to avoid taxation as much as possible while maximizing their availability of their assets: this is human nature. However, this thinking can (and has!) put thousands of Americans in legal hot water or less-than-desirable situations.

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How to Choose a Business Structure | AmeriEstate Legal Plan
September 01,

How to Choose a Business Structure

One of the most important (and earliest) decisions you will make regarding your business is the structure. This is a big decision since it will have a huge impact on the amount of personal liability you take on, the amount of paperwork you are legally required to do and the amount you pay in taxes.

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What are the benefits of a Charitable Remainder Trust? | AmeriEstate Legal Plan
June 26,

What are the benefits of a Charitable Remainder Trust?

When estate planning many people wish to use their assets to help fund their favorite charities, in addition to providing for their families and loved ones. Donating can make a lasting impact on charities and you and your family can also reap tax benefits. The most popular variety of charitable trust is a charitable remainder trust.

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