Business Formation Strategy - Family Limited Partnerships | AmeriEstate Legal Plan
March 16,

Business Formation Strategy: Family Limited Partnerships

One of the most difficult aspects of setting up a new business is choosing what kind of business to form. Commonly, new business partners are choosing between limited liability companies, S corporations and C corporations. There is no magic formula: which one is right for any business depends on a variety of factors.

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Are You Personally Liable for Business Debts? | AmeriEstate Legal Plan
November 10,

Are You Personally Liable for Business Debts?

One of the most complicated aspects of business formation is taxation. It is vital that you understand the different ways you can form a business: horror stories abound with business owners who rushed through the formation process and lived to regret it when the tax man came around or somebody launched a lawsuit.

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Estate Planning Services - Business-Building and Beyond | AmeriEstate Legal Plan
October 20,

Estate Planning Services: Business-Building and Beyond

When many people think of "estate planning," they automatically picture legal documents and procedures associated directly with a person's death. While it is true that wills and trusts play a (potentially) huge role in estate planning depending on the circumstances, there are also instances where estate planning can affect the planner's life while he or she is still alive. An example of this is an advance directive or advance healthcare directive: having a living will can produce a blueprint of your wishes if you are medically incapacitated, allowing your chosen agent to make decisions on your behalf accordingly.

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How to Choose a Business Structure | AmeriEstate Legal Plan
September 01,

How to Choose a Business Structure

One of the most important (and earliest) decisions you will make regarding your business is the structure. This is a big decision since it will have a huge impact on the amount of personal liability you take on, the amount of paperwork you are legally required to do and the amount you pay in taxes.

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