Webinar Video – Hidden Dangers of Probate

Aug 1, 2022
Estate Planning Video
The Hidden Dangers of Probate and True Horror Stories of Not Having a Living Trust.

Discover how easy it is to protect your home, assets, and life savings from probate by planning your estate!

Probate is easily avoidable. Find out how easy it can be to protect your assets from probate in this 30-minute webinar, The Hidden Dangers of Probate.

When you die, everything you own and worked for your entire life is at risk of the court deciding who gets your assets. Take the proper legal steps to protect your assets, so that you, not the court decide what to do with your assets.

Your family could wind up spending 9 to 18 months or longer dealing with the court, spending up to 8% of the estate on probate costs, and because this is a court process, everything is for the public to see.

Watch the Webinar to learn:

- What triggers probate?
- Are all the assets tied up during probate?
- Who pays for probate?
- The cost of a living trust vs. probate court.
- How to avoid probate?

Hosted by the AmeriEstate Team
Rich Brown, AmeriEstate Legal Plan, Director of Operations and Client Services

Guest Speaker: Tom Husker, Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Attorney