Webinar Video – Divorced or Remarried: Why you need to update or create an Estate Plan

May 18, 2022
Estate Planning Video
Divorced or Remarried Why You Need to Update or Create an Estate Plan

Divorce is emotional and difficult, updating or creating your estate plan after divorce shouldn’t be. This webinar will help you understand everything you need to know about revising your existing estate plan or creating a new estate plan. As Estate Planning experts, we can help you navigate through this process.

To avoid unintended results in the future, take the time to participate in our Divorce and Estate Planning webinar.

The webinar cover several important topics, including:

  • Name new beneficiaries and POA
  • Consider creating an estate plan.
  • If something happened to you, who would you want to be in control of the money for your kids?
  • Do I need to change my trustee?
  • Revisit guardianship for your children?
  • If you are injured, revisit who makes medical decisions for you.

Hosted by the AmeriEstate Team
Michelle Reese Johnson, AmeriEstate Legal Plan, Vice President