Webinar Video: The Uncomfortable Conversation to Have about Estate Planning During the Holidays

Dec 6, 2021

The holidays are the best time to talk to your parents and family about estate planning. Typically, the whole family is together and it is recommended to include siblings and plan ahead.

Our roundtable conversation includes:

  • Conversation starters to help family members approach this uncomfortable conversation.
  • Tips to have a more constructive conversation.
  • Have multiple marriages complicated things?
  • True and relatable stories.
  • What happens when a parent becomes incapacitated?

Estate planning not only involves planning for assets at death but also includes planning for situations such as health care and day-to-day financial decisions. Besides the possibility of your parents getting sick, there are other reasons to have this conversation now. It’s not always about an inheritance.

Click below to watch the roundtable discussion!