Essential benefits for your life today, and tomorrow

An AmeriEstate Living Trust offers so many benefits to people not only in times of death, but while they are alive. Hence the term “Living”.  And the best benefit to you now…expert customer service that makes the process easy and affordable.

Many people think that estate planning is difficult and expensive. They mistakenly believe that there are no benefits to them but rather only to their heirs. So they wait until their later years or when a medical emergency happens to start their planning.  But by then, it is often too late.

AmeriEstate Experts recognize all the fears associated with estate planning. We have the experience you need to make sure your estate plan is done right and is viable and complete when you need it. Plus, we make it easy and affordable.

Call us to get started on your AmeriEstate Living Trust. Planning today has many immediate benefits. More importantly, it gives you the ability to make the right choices for all of your tomorrows.

Benefits of an AmeriEstate Living Trust Portfolio

  • Achieve peace of mind and security
  • Stay in control while keeping all of your options open
  • Choose someone to oversee your affairs and your care
  • Safeguard your family from creditors and solicitors
  • Eliminate family hassles
  • Ensure proper use of assets
  • Avoid Probate in multiple states
  • Save you and your family time and money
  • Plan for Minor Children or Special-Needs Dependents
  • Provide for Children from prior marriages