Thank you for registering for a FREE AmeriEstate Living Trust Seminar.

Our professional education partners, Alpha Omega Family Services, will provide a one-hour, no obligation seminar in a stress-free, no-pressure environment. You will learn how an affordable, high-quality AmeriEstate Living Trust can help protect your family and ensure your wealth-transfer strength for generations to come.

  • Protect your home and other valuable assets.
  • Create a Will as part of your Living Trust.
  • Avoid probate and minimize estate taxes.
  • Plan for the risk of incapacity.
  • Safeguard minor children and special-needs dependents.
  • Complete your Living Trust with our easy 3-step, attorney-guided process.

About Alpha Omega Family Seminars

  • Experienced estate planning educator; presenting Living Trust seminars for more than 15 years.
  • Experts on Living Trust benefits – how to avoid probate, how to avoid conservatorship.
  • Ability to cut through the legalese and communicate in everyday language with illustrative storytelling techniques.
  • Passion for educating families on the estate planning strategies.
  • Focus on providing a no-hassle, entertaining and relaxing learning environment.

If you need to change your seminar choice, please contact Alpha Omega Family Services at (800) 350-6376. Thank you for considering AmeriEstate Legal Plan for your professional estate planning needs.

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