Webinar Replay: Is Your Living Trust Properly Funded

Mar 16, 2023
Estate Planning Living Trusts Video

Webinar Replay - Why It‘s Important to Fund Your Living Trust. Is your Trust Properly Funded?

Event date: Wednesday, Marcy 15, 2023

Creating your trust is very important. Now is always the time to fund your living trust. It is imperative to fund or put assets into your living trust for a variety of reasons.

In this webinar learn how funding your assets into a revocable living trust is a crucial step in the trust creation process. Failure to fund assets can lead to probate, asset protection issues, and difficulties in managing assets.

We cover:
• What is funding/re-titling of assets?
• Find out which assets should be funded in the Trust.
• Why is it important to re-title assets into a trust?
• What happens if I don’t put assets in the Trust? Are they subject to probate?
• How do I know if all my assets are in my Trust?