Special Needs Trusts and Supplemental Needs Trusts: Protecting Public Benefits and Providing for Individuals with Disabilities

May 17, 2023
Estate Planning Special Needs Trusts Video

Discussion with panel experts about Special Needs Trusts and Supplemental Needs Trusts

Event date: March 11, 2023

Do you have a child, family member, or friend of someone with special needs? In this webinar, we discussed the differences between Special Needs Trusts and Supplemental Needs Trusts.

Special Needs Trusts are designed to provide financial assistance to disabled and special needs individuals while preserving their eligibility for government benefits. There is also a more commonly used trust called a Supplemental Needs Trust, which is embedded language in quality revocable trusts to protect beneficiaries and supplement their care needs without affecting government benefits like SSI and Medical/Medicaid. Our expert panel assists you in understanding the differences between these two types of trusts and how they are used to provide financial support to individuals with disabilities and special needs. We also discuss the importance of the supplemental needs language and how it can ensure that your loved one's trust is structured in a way that best meets their unique needs.

You'll gain valuable insights into the world of special needs planning and learn how to make informed decisions to protect your loved ones' financial future.