How You Can Easily Grow Your Law Practice by Becoming an AmeriEstate Partner

Oct 26, 2021
Estate Planning

As an attorney, you wear two distinct hats. You provide advice, counsel, representation and other legal services to your clients. You also seek ways to grow and expand your practice. Obviously, the two go hand-in-hand. Nevertheless, you may find yourself spending so much time on the former that you have little time left over to devote to the latter. What to do?

The answer may well be to become an AmeriEstate Partner, especially if you’re not currently offering estate planning services.

What is AmeriEstate?

AmeriEstate Legal Plan is a nationwide network of experienced estate planning attorneys and other financial experts. Established in 1998, we have since helped over 40,000 families enhance their personal well-being by strengthening their financial security, growing their wealth and protecting their assets.

Our Business Partner Program

Thanks to AmeriEstate’s Business Partner Program, you and your firm can now offer sophisticated estate planning to your existing clients and plus attract new clients who need these vital services.

We provide our clients – and yours – two levels of estate planning services depending on their individual needs: basic and advanced.

Our Basic Estate Planning Services include the following:

  • Revocable living trust portfolios
  • Simple will portfolios
  • Durable powers of attorney
  • Advance health care directives
  • Attorney review of existing trusts

Our Advanced Estate Planning Services include the following:

  • Trust administration
  • Elder law services
  • Irrevocable life insurance trusts
  • Charitable remainder trusts
  • Special needs trusts

In addition, we can offer your high-net-worth clients the opportunity to set up a Deferred Sales Trust (DST), a strategy to defer capital gains taxes via a unique, proprietary, legal and proven installment sale, when they sell a business, a piece of investment real estate, their personal residence or any other highly appreciated asset.

How You Benefit

Your clients aren’t the only people who benefit from your partnership with AmeriEstate. Our experienced staff and panel of attorneys and trust advisors take care of you too. We provide you with numerous free marketing resources, including such things as the following:

  • Flyer and email templates in both English and Spanish
  • Connected talking points
  • Proven marketing strategies
  • Literature and handouts

You can brand all of these with your own firm name, logo, slogan or whatever you wish, with no references to AmeriEstate.

Our Estate Planning Webinar Toolkit contains videos and PowerPoint presentations that you can download, edit as you wish, and then place on your own website. It also includes a client workbook. If you don’t wish to get in front of a camera yourself, you can choose our 30-minute estate planning pre-recorded webinar.

Our Estate Planning Marketing Plan contains a 9-point plan to not only help you identify target clients, but also promote your estate planning services to them.

Want to Know More?

If all of the above intrigues you and you want to learn more about how becoming an AmeriEstate Partner can benefit you and your clients, contact AmeriEstate Legal Plan today. We’ll be more than happy to discuss how our estate planning services can easily “bolt” into your existing practice and become your estate planning back office. Our mission is to provide you with the support and staff you need to grow your practice.