Discover the Benefits of Partnering With AmeriEstate

Jan 24, 2023
Estate Planning
Discover the Benefits of Partnering With AmeriEstate

As a financial advisor, you play a critical role in helping your clients secure their assets and plan for their futures. At some stage, you likely turn them over to an attorney to help them prepare official legal documents.If you do not offer this service in-house, you must refer them to an external legal service. When you partner with AmeriEstate, we provide you with the benefits of offering in-house attorneys to handle your clients’ needs.

Securing Direct Benefits

With a partnership, you can offer the legal assistance many of your clients require without the costs of hiring and supporting attorneys and back-office staff. You also save yourself the time and effort it takes to develop and maintain a list of lawyers who can provide your clients with needed services

AmeriEstate has offices in Arizona, California, Maryland, Tennessee, Texas, and Virgina, or can conduct business virtually, making connecting with estate planning attorneys easy.

Your clients are also more likely to become long-term clients if you can provide a suite of services that meet their financial planning and legal needs. It can increase trust and strengthen relationships, as your clients won’t need to work with an unknown entity to receive legal services. Long-term clients are a stable source of revenue and are key to growing your business.

Avoiding Missed Opportunities

Gaining new clients is another critical factor for business growth and success. If you offer in-house legal services from attorneys whose only focus is estate planning, you are less likely to miss out on opportunities to expand. When your clients know someone who needs an attorney to assist with their planning needs, they can recommend your business instead of someone you referred them to. Rather than going around you, they go through you, increasing their potential to use your services as well.

When an AmeriEstate attorney works with you to complete an estate plan for one of your clients or a referral from a client, you can expect new referrals for your business. On average, our partners experience the following growth markers:

  • One to two new referrals for each completed estate plan
  • A 25% – 33% conversion rate
  • Three to five potential new customers per month for every three to five estate plans

This growth is organic, so you don’t spend marketing dollars to get it.

Increasing Marketing Strategies

AmeriEstate provides bonuses you aren’t likely to receive when working with other law firms. We aren’t just legal partners. We are also a business growth and marketing partners. We offer our advisors the following additional services:

  • Free marketing tools and strategies proven to work
  • Automated client progress reports
  • Alerts when new opportunities arise

We believe that when we combine our efforts, we both benefit, which is why we intentionally work with you to help your business grow.

Getting Started With AmeriEstate

AmeriEstate has 20 years of successful partnerships with tens of hundreds of financial planners. Are you ready to form a long-lasting partnership with a firm that offers your clients and your business benefits you won’t get by outsourcing legal services? Contact us today to get started.