Case Study: Charlotte Masser Cannot Pay for the Care She Needs

Mar 21, 2023
Estate Planning
Case Study - Charlotte Masser Cannot Pay for the Care She Needs | AmeriEstate Legal Plan

Charlotte was just 19 when the entire course of her life changed in a moment. She was driving home from classes on an early winter evening. The daytime temperatures were warm, leaving the roads wet from melting snow. When the sun set, the mercury dipped rapidly. Charlotte couldn’t see the patch of black ice on the overpass. She lost control of her car and crashed.

The accident left her partially paralyzed from the neck down. Though she retained some motor functioning, she would never be able to fully care for herself or live independently. She continued to live at home, her mom providing her with much of the care she needed, and the family paying for in-home assistance to help. Unfortunately, this arrangement left Charlotte vulnerable.

Tragedy Strikes Again and Again

Since Charlotte was young and healthy prior to the accident, the Massers did not plan for Charlotte’s long-term care needs. Seven years after her accident, Charlotte’s mom passed away unexpectedly. Her dad couldn’t provide her with the care her mom did due to his demanding job. However, he could afford full-time, in-home care services, so his daughter received all the help she needed.

Mr. Massers eventually remarried, but Charlotte still had full-time care at home. On multiple occasions, Mr. Masser’s attorney suggested that he consider his daughter’s long-term care needs. He knew it was a good idea; he just thought he had more time. Unfortunately, Mr. Masser died of a massive heart attack when Charlotte was just 32.

Loss Leaves Her Alone

After Charlotte’s dad passed away, her stepmother decided she did not want to care for a daughter that wasn’t her own for the rest of her life. She cut off the funding for in-home care and told Charlotte she needed to find another place to live.

Without the financial support her father provided, Charlotte had few options available, and none of them gave her the freedom she enjoyed while living at home. Though she had a job and health insurance, her job didn’t pay enough to pay for an apartment and in-home assistance, and health insurance doesn’t cover long-term care.

Trusts Protect Loved Ones

No one likes to think that they or their loved ones would ever find themselves in the same position Charlotte was in after her accident. However, these types of tragedies occur far too frequently. They can happen to anyone at any time. Long-term care is expensive, but even when people have the means to pay for it, they don’t know when their circumstances might change.

Long-term care and incapacity planning protect assets and individuals. AmeriEstate provides guidance on which measures offer the greatest benefits for each client, depending on their individual circumstances. However, no one should go without a revocable living trust or a financial power of attorney. A medical power of attorney and living will are also essential to meet healthcare needs.

Protection Starts with a Phone Call

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