Are You Leaving Money on the Table By Not Offering Estate Planning Services to Your Clients?

Jan 10, 2023
Estate Planning
Are You Leaving Money on the Table by Not Offering Estate Planning to Your Clients? | AmeriEstate Legal Plan

If you work in finance, you know that establishing and maintaining trusted professional relationships with your clients is the only way to grow your business. You also know the importance of proper estate planning when planning for your clients’ financial futures. No matter what interests or asset levels they have, all of them will require estate planning services. Many will ask for such help directly.

If you are currently referring your clients to third-party attorneys for their estate planning needs, you are missing out on a chance at potential prospects and the revenue they can generate for you. Even if you are not an estate planning expert yourself, AmeriEstate Legal Plan, Inc. offers you a valuable opportunity. When you partner with us, we can help you capitalize on your clients’ estate planning needs in a variety of ways. Not only will this increase your revenues, it will also help you build stronger ongoing relationships with your existing clients and likely lead to your gaining new clients along the way.

The Price of Not Offering Estate Planning Services

When you refer your clients to outside sources for estate planning, it can cost you a lot of money. For instance, you lose the chance to put yourself in the position of being your clients' primary source of information and help regarding any wealth transfers they may wish to make. In addition, when your clients become incapacitated or die, their beneficiaries and heirs may well choose to work directly with the third-party source, not you.

It’s also true that most of your clients likely seek “one stop shopping” for all their financial needs. It’s safe to say that they would prefer to establish only one professional relationship for both their financial planning and estate planning, needs not two. Why force them into this situation?

Becoming an AmeriEstate Legal Plan, Inc. partner solves these problems for you, plus any others that may arise. Perhaps the most important way we help both you and your clients is that when you partner with us, we become your in-house estate planning “back office,” ready and available any time one of your clients needs us. As such, we give you the opportunity to seamlessly switch your clients from financial solutions to estate planning solutions, all without leaving your main office.

The Benefits of Offering Estate Planning Services

Your ability to provide estate planning services to your clients benefits both them and you. For your clients, such benefits can include the following:

  • Decrease in or elimination of estate taxes
  • Decrease in or elimination of gift taxes
  • Avoidance of probate and its associated expenses
  • Preservation of family wealth across generations

For you, the benefits can include:

  • Ability to be a full-service resource for all of your clients’ financial needs
  • Ability to offer ongoing services to your clients throughout their lifetimes and beyond
  • Ability to garner new clients through referrals from satisfied existing clients
  • Increased revenues
  • Peace of mind knowing that your trusted AmeriEstate partner has both your clients’ and your best interests as our primary concern


If the idea of doing good for your clients while doing well for yourself intrigues you, contact AmeriEstate today. We’ll be happy to answer all of your partnership questions and start you on your way to higher profits.