When the ravages of incapacity due to accident or serious illness such as Dementia and Alzheimer's disease begin to affect us our our loved ones, AmeriEstate can help you navigate the complexities of elder care law in order to ensure proper care, protect your family from financial loss and abuse, and avoid conservancy. The elderly, in particular, deserve appropriate care and legal planning to avoid the loss of their home, estate and protection from abuse.

Sometimes, the aftermath of an accident or declining physical health may result in necessary care in a skilled nursing facility. In many states, the cost of receiving this level of care can often exceed $6,000 to $8,000 per month. Usually families themselves must shoulder this burden unless they have a comprehensive long-term care insurance policy or qualify for Medicaid. Medicaid is a State-administered program that can help individuals and families with low income or limited resources by covering much of the cost of this care.

Special rules govern how one qualifies to receive Medicaid, so it is best to speak with legal experts, such as AmeriEstate and its participating elder law attorneys. Eligibility primary revolves around the amount of income and resources you have. Medicaid classifies some resources as exempt and other resources as available. Your home, a car, personal property of certain dollar limits are considered exempt, and excess assets are considered available in that they could be used by you to pay at least part of your costs of care.

For example, if you are married and only one spouse requires this level of care, at least the first $3,023* in monthly income is considered exempt. In addition, the well-spouse at home can also exempt the family home and up to $120,900* in additional financial assets.

AmeriEstate and its elder law attorneys have experience using various strategies to qualify you for benefits, even if you are over-limit. The second challenge is that once you qualify for financial benefits, Medicaid wants to be paid back at some point. This is called 'recovery.' The strategies we are able to use will help you legally protect your home and your financial assets from this recovery so that they continue to be available for your spouse and immediate family.

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*2017 qualification levels