Access to Your AmeriEstate Living Trust Online

Your AmeriEstate Living Trust is a vital document containing information that is important to you, your spouse and your designated people. But how do you ensure that they have access to this information when they need it? With DocuSAFE, that’s how. Your Legal Plan membership includes the DocuSAFE benefit for FREE!

Before now, trustees like you had to provide photocopies of their Trust to the people who might need it in the future. Additionally, the original copy of the Trust had to be stored somewhere safe so that it did not get damaged or destroyed. Now with the DocuSAFE benefit, your AmeriEstate Living Trust as well as other important documents can be stored online and securely accessed by the people you choose.

It is Safe and Easy to Use

The documents of your choice can be uploaded from your personal computer.  You can store up to 2GB of data at anytime. The SAFE storage also has ways in which you can categorize your files to help you stay organized. You provide your designated people with their own personal access code, and then they can view only the documents you have chosen for them.

Establishing Your Exit Strategy

Answering the question – what happens to my information when I die?  Your DocuSAFE benefit also includes the selection of a Digital Executor.  A Digital Executor, often a spouse or an adult child, is granted secure access to the account while you are still alive. Upon your death, the Digital Executor is granted the ability to assume full access to your account upon the legally verified proof of death.