How Becoming an AmeriEstate Business Partner Lets You Provide Your Clients with the Estate Planning Services They Need

Jun 29, 2022
AmeriEstate Partner Program
How Becoming an AmeriEstate Business Partner Lets You Provide Your Clients with the Estate Planning Services They Need | AmeriEstate Legal Plan

It’s a fundamental truth that most people need an estate plan, especially if they are high-income and high-net-worth individuals. However, 67% of Americans don’t have an estate plan.

According to a recent survey, the most common reasons people do not have an estate plan consist of the following:

  • 40% said they simply haven’t gotten around to it.
  • 33% said they don’t have enough assets to warrant an estate plan.
  • 13% said the estate planning process is too expensive.
  • 12% said they don’t know how to go about getting a will.

Who We Are

AmeriEstate is a nationwide network of attorneys and other estate planning professionals. Estate planning is all we do, and we’ve been successfully doing it since 1998. In fact, we’ve already helped over 40,000 American families establish and maintain the personalized estate plans they want and need.

What We Do

We are fully qualified and prepared to handle all aspects of estate planning, including the following:

  • Preparation of wills and trusts
  • Trust settlements
  • Probate and capital gains tax avoidance
  • Business formation

Reasons to Become Our Partner

If you would like to help your clients with their estate planning journey, you should consider teaming up with us. When you become an AmeriEstate Business Partner, you become part of our network and we become your estate planning “back office.” It goes without saying that this benefits your clients tremendously, and it also benefits you greatly in the following ways:

  • Helps you generate new clients and therefore grow your business
  • Helps you build strong and lasting client relationships
  • Adds value to the existing professional services you offer
  • Gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you’re providing a vital service to your clients

Partnership Levels

We offer the following three partnership platforms:

  • Simply Refer – Discuss estate planning with your clients and send us their contact information.
  • Refer Plus – Help your clients pre-qualify for AmeriEstate’s services.
  • Full Circle – Commit to producing a certain volume of new trust cases each month, and be more hands-on technologically

Which one you choose depends on the amount of estate planning involvement you want to undertake on behalf of your clients. You can find a full description of all three platforms here.

AmeriEstate Support

Whichever partnership platform you choose, you can rest assured that AmeriEstate will support you all the way. Some of the ways in which we do this include providing you with the following:

  • Free AmeriEstate newsletter
  • Free Strategic Marketing Toolkit
  • Free flyer and email templates
  • Free PowerPoint presentations for you to share with your clients
  • Free customizable literature and handouts
  • Ongoing automated reports and alerts
  • Ongoing educational webinars

How to Get Started

If all of this sounds good to you, begin the process of becoming an AmeriEstate Business Partner today and contact us. Ask to speak with John Knickerbocker, our Senior Manager of Business Development. He will be glad to answer all your questions and start you on your way to growing your business by means of offering estate planning services to your clients.