Full Circle Partner Program

Mar 28, 2023
AmeriEstate Partner Program
Full Circle Partner Program | AmeriEstate Legal Plan

AmeriEstate offers clients legal services for estate planning. We help them determine their needs and what kind of arrangements serves them. We wouldn’t be able to provide the quality and range of services we provide without our network of legal partners. With our standard partnership arrangement, we do most of the legwork in delivering your clients the needed services and you get a referral kickback in return.

Our Full Circle Partnership Program puts you in the driver’s seat for a larger portion of the process. You handle a greater share of the work involved and receive a bigger kickback for your involvement.

Benefits of the Full Circle Partnership Program

This program provides a great way to expand your business while minimizing costs. Full Circle benefits include the following:

  • Offers options: You can choose the membership level based on which services you offer and an associated referral level.
  • Involvement level: You are more involved in the process, strengthening your relationship with your clients and increasing the potential for long-term retention.
  • Automatic renewal: You receive a discount when you choose automatic annual renewal, but you have the option to decline and pay a higher rate if you opt to manual renew.
  • Larger profit share: Your increased involvement leads to a larger share of the profits while you still receive the cost benefits our services provide.

AmeriEstate’s Full Circle Partnership Program also offers almost all the benefits our standard partnership provides. Clients who obtain estate planning services may refer you to friends and family for similar services, resulting in new clients and a more substantial customer base.

Our partners also save money using AmeriEstate to complete their clients’ estate planning documents. You won’t need to hire the additional support staff you would need if you offered these services in-house. Additionally, we provide marketing materials, so you won’t need to add this expenditure when you add our services. Partnering with us also saves your clients money because you can offer them estate planning at a lower cost than if you provided in-house services.

The Client Process in a Full Circle Partnership

As a Full Circle Partner, you are more engaged with your clients during the estate planning process. You work with them to determine their needs and which estate planning documents they require to meet them. You complete the required agreements and submit them to AmeriEstate with the associated payment and any existing estate planning documents.

AmeriEstate sends the clients a welcome letter and assigns a consulting attorney. The attorney contacts the clients to discuss their goals and ensure they have an estate plan that suits them before letting AmeriEstate know which legal documents to complete.

Upon document completion, we send them to a notary who meets with the clients to review the completed paperwork and verify the information. The notary returns the signed documents to us, after which we pay out commissions to you.

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